"During one of Dr. Little's presentations, I was laughing so hard that tears were literally streaming  down my face!"  Dr. Ed Kesgen; Sylva, NC 

"The presenter was very engaging. He got us up and moving, which was much needed.  What a wonderful change! Excellent presentation and thanks for sharing your story!” - Ohio Speech Language & Hearing Association

"Thank you!  You are truly gifted in your field!  You have such a wonderful way of making learning fun!" - Nicki Johnson; Liberty, KY

​"Your session was very good.  I wish all speakers were as funny and interesting!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts."  - Janice Thomas; Wheaton, IL

​"Greg Little is a superb speaker!  This is an excellent investment in continuing education!"  - Nancy DeBolt; Torrington, WY

"One of the most energized, creative and innovative presentations I have ever experienced."  Jim Brennan, National Consultant; Wilbraham, MA

"Thank you for your wonderful seminar.   Whenever I hear you speak I really get en-energized and motivaed.  You are GREAT!!" - Lisa Avernmarg; Jackson, MS

​"This is the first time I felt someone in charge met my needs; Thank you for reminding me why I love my job; Greg is well prepared and dynamic!"  - Evaluations for Ohio Health Care Assn.

​"Your presentation got rave reviews!" - Dr.Deidre McGowan, MS Rehab Tri-Alliance

​"The best session.  He should be at every convention." - Myrtle Klauer; Addison, IL

​"The conference in Massachusetts was terrific....good job!" - Terri Patti; Fairfield, CT

“Your humor, expertise and practical ideas are terrific.” - Sherry Palmer; Shreveport, LA

“The Association wishes to THANK YOU for one of the most enjoyable, energetic and informative presentations ever!  What FUN!” - Carol Calhoun; Hendersville, TN

“After your session, I felt so productive, enthusiastic and excited for the rest of the day.  EXCELLENT JOB!!! - Paula Helmueller; LaCrosse, WI

“Wow, were your evaluations great!  Greg, you impressed quite a few administrators that they are recommending we bring you back.” - Carol Behnke; Richmond, VA

“Dr. Little was not only informative, he was entertaining.  This is the second program I have attended by Dr. Little.  Both different - both great!” - Evaluations from AR Health Care Assn

“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you shared in New Jersey.  It was invigorating.  You were marvelous!” - Beth Sander; Ocean Spring, NJ

The best ever and I mean bring him back.” - Evaluations from FL Health Care Activity Coordinators' Assn.